Meet Iron Fish. The game changing privacy blockchain.

2 min readFeb 13, 2022

Iron Fish is a blockchain that will provide cutting edge privacy technology and will make your every transaction absolutely private. It uses zk-SNARKs for encryption, and lets you full control over your assets and data.

It will become a universal privacy layer for all kinds of users who seek privacy and safety. It won’t involve a big number of extra steps though, it will have the tools to be integrated with other platforms, allowing smooth user experience throughout the whole process. Anyone can access the tools and create a wallet or become a part of the network by running a node.

Though it all might seem anti-regulatory, the whole network is build to satisfy all the needs, if you will need to provide an audit for any account, you have a previously generated unique set of view keys that will allow that, once the necessity arises

It is currently in testnet stage and being actively tested by a big number of passionate users, while a team of expert professionals and tech veterans, who previously worked with Uber and Microsoft, are continuing to develop it and making it ready for launch. Exciting road ahead, do not miss out on the opportunity to join early and be up to date, maybe you will even like to join the ongoing Incentivized Testnet and earn points to receive rewards for your contributions! More details on the official website or Discord. Links below :)